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The Cadastre in Curaçao

by Aida Moret on February 26, 2024
The Cadastre in Curaçao

The Cadastre in Curaçao is not just a name familiar to those involved in real estate, but it is also an essential source of information for property transactions on the island. From providing access to issuing official documents, the Cadastre offers various services that are invaluable to both buyers and sellers.

What Does the Cadastre Do?

Providing Access

The Cadastre in Curaçao offers the opportunity to access various real estate-related documents. Whether you are a potential buyer seeking more information about a property or a seller in need of information for a transaction, the Cadastre is ready to assist.

Extract from the Parcel-Based Cadastre Ledger

For those seeking detailed information about a specific parcel, obtaining an extract from the cadastre ledger can be invaluable. This document contains crucial details about ownership rights, parcel dimensions, and any encumbrances or burdens.

Certificates Regarding Ownership and Encumbrances

For legal purposes or as evidence of ownership, the Cadastre can provide certificates regarding the ownership or encumbrances of real properties. These documents are official and can be vital in real estate transactions.

Reproduction of Cadastre Maps

Cadastre maps provide visual representations of parcels and properties in Curaçao. The Cadastre can provide reproductions of these maps, which can be useful for visualizing property boundaries and the location of real estate.

Copies of Officially Formed Measurement Letters

Officially formed measurement letters contain official measurements and boundaries of parcels. The Cadastre can provide copies or photocopies of these measurement letters, which can be helpful for accurate information about the size and location of a property.

How Can You Use the Cadastre?

Prior to Real Estate Transactions

Before buying or selling real estate, it is wise to consult the Cadastre for relevant information. This can help confirm ownership rights, identify any encumbrances, and obtain accurate parcel information.

Researching Properties

If you are interested in a specific parcel or property, obtaining an extract from the cadastre ledger can provide valuable insights. This allows you to review the ownership history, any mortgage information, and other relevant details.

For Legal Purposes

For legal proceedings or disputes related to real estate, the Cadastre can provide certificates that serve as official evidence of ownership or encumbrances.

For Spatial Planning and Development

Government agencies, urban planners, and developers can utilize cadastre maps and measurement letters for spatial planning, determining property boundaries, and real estate development projects.

Examples of Practical Use of the Cadastre

Checking Ownership History

Imagine you want to purchase a historic property in Curaçao, but you want to ensure that the ownership is free from any burdens or encumbrances. In this situation, you can consult the Cadastre to obtain an extract from the cadastre ledger. This provides insight into the complete ownership history of the property, including previous owners, any mortgage information, and past transactions. This helps you make an informed decision about the purchase and provides peace of mind that you have a clear understanding of the property’s legal status.

Identifying Land for Construction Projects

Suppose you are a developer planning a new construction project in Curaçao. Before beginning planning and development, you want to know the exact boundaries and measurements of the intended land. The Cadastre can be invaluable here by providing reproductions of cadastre maps and copies of measurement letters. With this information, you can make accurate calculations, determine the optimal layout of the land, and ensure that the construction project falls within legal boundaries. This minimizes risks and ensures a streamlined process from planning to execution.

The Cadastre in Curaçao is an invaluable source of information for anyone involved in real estate on the island. Whether you are a buyer, seller, developer, or legal professional, the Cadastre provides crucial data and documents that are vital for successful real estate transactions and developments.


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