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The appraisal of a property on Curaçao

by Aida Moret on February 28, 2024
The appraisal of a property on Curaçao

Getting a property appraisal on Curaçao is a crucial step when buying or selling real estate on the island. It involves a professional assessment of the value of a home by a certified appraiser. Whether you’re a buyer, seller, or lender, understanding this process is essential. Here’s everything you need to know about property appraisal on this beautiful island in the Caribbean.

Why is an Appraisal Important on Curaçao?

For Buyers:

  • An appraisal helps buyers determine a fair and reasonable price for a home on Curaçao, considering the specific market conditions on the island.
  • It can prevent a buyer from overpaying for a property in a market that can sometimes be dynamic.
  • Banks often require an appraisal before granting a mortgage to confirm the value of the home and assess the risk of the loan.

For Sellers:

  • It provides sellers on Curaçao with a realistic view of the market value of their property in a specific neighborhood or area.
  • It can help in setting a listing price that is attractive to potential buyers in the local real estate market.
  • An appraisal can provide negotiating power when closing the sale of a home on the island.

How Does the Appraisal Process Work on Curaçao?

  1. Setting an Appointment: The appraiser schedules an appointment to inspect the property on Curaçao. During this inspection, the appraiser will assess various aspects of the home, such as size, layout, amenities, construction quality, and overall condition in the local context.
  2. Research: The appraiser will also conduct research on comparable sales in the area on Curaçao to determine a comparable market value. This includes reviewing recent transactions of similar homes in areas like Willemstad, Banda Abou, Banda Ariba, or other specific regions.
  3. Report Compilation: After the inspection and research, the appraiser compiles a comprehensive report with the findings. This report includes a detailed description of the home, the determined market value on Curaçao, comparison data with local sales, and other relevant information.
  4. Issuance of the Appraisal Report: The completed appraisal report is then issued to the client on Curaçao, whether it’s the buyer, seller, or lender. This report can be used in negotiating the purchase price, obtaining a mortgage from local banks such as Girobank, MCB, or Vidanova Bank, or for other legal purposes.

Costs of an Appraisal on Curaçao

The costs of a property appraisal on Curaçao can vary and depend on various factors such as the size and value of the home, the complexity of the appraisal, and the appraiser themselves. Generally, the costs range between 0.1% and 0.2% of the estimated home value. It’s important to discuss the costs and terms with the appraiser beforehand.


A property appraisal on Curaçao is a crucial step when buying or selling real estate on the island. It provides both buyers and sellers with an objective estimate of a home’s market value, which is essential for a fair transaction. By understanding the appraisal process and the role it plays, you can confidently make the right decisions when it comes to real estate investments on this beautiful island in the Caribbean Sea.


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