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How does OZB work here in Curaçao?

by Aida Moret on March 13, 2024
How does OZB work here in Curaçao?

The Property Tax (OZB) is an annual tax imposed based on the value of real estate in Curaçao. This can include both undeveloped land and developed property such as a house or shop.

For example, if you rent a house on land owned by a private owner, the owner of the land pays the OZB. But if you rent from the government of Curaçao, you pay OZB based on the value of the building, not the land.

You are liable for OZB if you own real estate, possess it, or have a limited right to it, such as leasehold or usufruct. If multiple people have a right to real estate, one of them can file a return on behalf of the others.

The OZB is levied over five-year periods, with the tax determined at the beginning of each period based on the value of the real estate.

The OZB rate is progressive and varies depending on the value of the property. If you disagree with the assessed value, you can appeal to the tax authorities. You must provide reasons why you believe the value is incorrect, and possibly provide evidence to support your position.

There are exemptions from the OZB for certain categories of real estate, such as churches, hospitals, and sports fields. If you become the owner of real estate or if there is a change in the ownership situation, such as building a house, you must file a return with the tax authorities within two months.

Filing a return is informal but requires some essential information, such as your name, address, and the estimated value of the real estate.

If you fail to file a return or if it is incomplete or incorrect, the tax authorities may impose a penalty. This penalty can amount to 100% of the amount due.

This is a summary of the OZB scheme in Curaçao, based on local tax laws and procedures. For specific questions or current information, you can contact the tax authorities or other competent authorities.


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