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How does Pagatinu work in Curaçao?

by Aida Moret on March 5, 2024
How does Pagatinu work in Curaçao?

In Curaçao, they use the Pagatinu system for electricity, similar to how you would use a prepaid phone card. You purchase “power credit” for a specific amount and can then use electricity for a certain number of days, depending on your usage. Landlords find this convenient as they don’t have to worry about unpaid bills from tenants. For users, it promotes more mindful electricity usage, helping to save money, as electricity on Curaçao is relatively expensive.

In your home, you have a installed box where you can check and top up your credit. You can top up your credit at most supermarkets and gas stations. Each box has its own number, which you need when purchasing power credit. If you don’t have the number, you can find it by entering the code #4# on your box or on a card hanging outside your house.

Note: If your credit runs out, the power supply stops immediately. Make sure you always have enough credit. The Pagatinu rate increases as you use more units, so it’s wise to regularly buy a small amount of power credit.

If you want to buy Pagatinu, you can go to stores that sell Pagafasil or Pagomatiko, such as certain gas stations and minimarkets. You can pay with cash or your bank card.

You can also buy Pagatinu online, but there’s currently no automated process, so it may take some time to receive the code. Requests made in the evening or at night will likely be processed the next day. We recommend the following providers:

Ubipay app: You can use the Asogas prepaid card available at Asogas gas stations. You can top up this card at the checkout or via online banking by transferring money to their MCB account with your PAN number and name. Once you’ve added your Asogas prepaid card to Ubipay, you can easily buy Pagatinu. The app is also convenient for fueling up, as you can scan the barcode at the pump. If you add your Fun Miles card, you’ll also get double Fun Miles. This app is handy if you don’t have a local bank account or online banking, and you can also use it to pay other bills, such as Flow. Currently, orders are processed from Monday through Sunday from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM. You’ll usually receive a photo of the receipt with the code within half an hour. 24 uur uit de muur charges ANG. 1.50 in service fees. If you have a bank other than MCB, it may take 1 to 2 days for your order to be processed.

Pagatinu Rates in Curaçao

Electricity Usage (kWh) per month:

In Curaçao, there are three rates to choose from based on your monthly electricity usage:

Rate 1: This rate is for households that consume up to 250 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per month. The rate applied for this group is the lowest rate.

Rate 2: Households that consume between 250 and 350 kWh per month fall under this rate. The rate for this category is slightly higher than Rate 1 but still lower than Rate 3.

Rate 3: Rate 3 applies to households that consume more than 350 kWh per month. This rate is the highest of the three because it’s intended for households with higher energy usage.

By offering these three rates, households can choose based on their own energy consumption, which can help manage and plan electricity costs better.

Example of purchase amounts and resulting usage:

Week 1: Purchase amount: ANG. 100,- Usage under Rate 1: 146.39 kWh

Week 2: Purchase amount: ANG. 100,- Usage under Rate 1: 103.60 kWh Usage under Rate 2: 37.02 kWh

Week 3: Purchase amount: ANG. 100,- Usage under Rate 1: 49.71 kWh Usage under Rate 2: 72.88 kWh

Week 4: Purchase amount: ANG. 100,- Usage under Rate 1: 119.96 kWh

This allows you to see how many kilowatt-hours (kWh) you get for each purchase amount, depending on the rate under which your usage falls according to your total monthly usage.

Want to know how much power you’re currently using? You can enter the code #50# on your Pagatinu box. Then you’ll see your current usage, for example, 0.360 kW. This simply means the number of kilowatts (kW) you’re using at that moment.

Applying for Pagatinu

If you want to use Pagatinu for your electricity supply, you can have it connected for free by Aqualectra. Sometimes you may need to hire an electrician to make some preparations, but these will be your costs. Fortunately, Aqualectra now offers wireless boxes, so you don’t need to install additional cables. Just contact Aqualectra to apply for Pagatinu for your home.

Is Pagatinu cheaper or more expensive?

Whether you pay in advance (with Pagatinu) or afterward (with a regular meter), the rates are the same. However, with Pagatinu, people are often more mindful of their electricity usage, which can help save money. They can also quickly buy additional power credit before rates increase. One downside of Pagatinu is that you can’t prepay for, say, 3 months of power because you might end up paying more in the highest rate tier.

Is your Pagatinu box beeping?

If your Pagatinu box starts beeping, it means you’re running low on power credit. It’s time to quickly go to the supermarket, minimarket, or gas station to top up your credit. You can stop the beeping by holding down the backspace key until you hear a long beep.

Pagatinu for Water?

At the moment, you can’t get prepaid water on Curaçao. Although the idea of prepaid water comes up occasionally, it’s not available yet. However, Aqualectra is working on introducing smart water and electricity meters to prevent illegal tapping and detect any leaks.


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