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Ownership Land, Leasehold, and Rental Land Explained in Curaçao

by Aida Moret on February 22, 2024
Ownership Land, Leasehold, and Rental Land Explained in Curaçao

Ownership Land

Ownership land, also known as full ownership, is the most common and sought-after option for those looking to establish a permanent place in Curaçao. As the owner of a piece of ownership land, you have complete control and freedom to use, develop, and enjoy the land as you wish.

With ownership land in Curaçao, you create your own piece of paradise and a lasting home base. It offers the security of a place where you can realize your dreams of a tropical lifestyle. From building your dream home to creating lush gardens, ownership land in Curaçao is an investment in your future and a legacy for generations.

Leasehold Land

Leasehold land provides an intriguing option for those seeking flexible land use combined with the potential for value appreciation. As a leaseholder, you have the right to use and develop a piece of land for a predetermined period, typically between 50 and 75 years. During this time, you pay periodic fees to the landowner.

On our sunny island of Curaçao, leasehold land is often chosen for sustainable developments. Although less common than ownership land, leasehold offers flexibility in the development of residential or commercial projects. It’s important to note that the landowner in leasehold situations is almost always the government of Curaçao. Additionally, an annual fee, known as the leasehold canon, is paid for the use of the land.

Rental Land

Rental land is an option for those seeking flexibility and convenience, albeit with some limitations. When renting land, you, as the tenant, pay a periodic fee to the landowner for the use and occupancy of the land.

While rental land is less prevalent in Curaçao, it can be a good choice for short-term stays or when flexibility is a priority. It allows residents the freedom to enjoy a piece of land without the responsibility of ownership. However, it also comes with the constraints of a rental agreement and reliance on the landowner.

At Moret Real Estate, we understand that the choice between ownership land, leasehold, and rental land is a significant decision. Our dedicated team is ready to guide and advise you in finding the perfect solution that aligns with your needs and preferences.


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