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Everything You Need to Know About Aqualectra: The Energy and Water Supplier in Curaçao

by Aida Moret on February 14, 2024
Everything You Need to Know About Aqualectra: The Energy and Water Supplier in Curaçao

Everything You Need to Know About Aqualectra: The Energy and Water Supplier in Curaçao

Introduction: As a real estate agent in Curaçao, it’s crucial to educate your clients about various aspects of the island, including essential utilities such as electricity and water. Aqualectra is the sole provider of electricity and water on Curaçao. In this blog, we’ll discuss key information about Aqualectra to ensure that buyers and renters are well-informed about these utilities when searching for a home on this beautiful island.

The Role of Aqualectra in Curaçao: Aqualectra is responsible for supplying both electricity and water to the island of Curaçao. It is a government-owned company that plays an essential role in providing the population and businesses with these vital utilities.

Electricity Supply: Aqualectra ensures the electricity supply in Curaçao. The electricity network is reliable, providing power to households, businesses, and public facilities on the island. It’s important to note that the voltage in Curaçao is 127/220 volts, with a frequency of 50 hertz.

Water Supply Company: In addition to electricity, Aqualectra also manages the water supply company in Curaçao. It delivers clean drinking water to homes and businesses on the island. The water in Curaçao is treated and meets international standards for drinking water quality.

Rates and Payments: Aqualectra sets rates for both electricity and water, which may change periodically. It’s advisable to contact Aqualectra for the most recent rates and payment information. Customers can pay their bills using various payment methods, such as online payments, bank transfers, or cash payments at specific locations.

Sustainability and Energy Conservation: Aqualectra promotes sustainability and energy conservation. They have various initiatives and programs to raise awareness about energy efficiency. It’s important for homebuyers and renters to know how to save energy and implement sustainable practices to reduce their energy costs and contribute to a greener future.

Service and Support: Aqualectra provides customer service and support to its users. In case of questions, issues, or outages, customers can contact Aqualectra’s customer service for assistance. It’s important to know how to reach Aqualectra for any matters related to utilities.

Conclusion: As a real estate agent in Curaçao, it’s essential to educate clients about utilities such as Aqualectra, the sole provider of electricity and water on the island. In this blog, we’ve discussed how Aqualectra is responsible for supplying power and water to households and businesses. We’ve also emphasized how customers can access relevant information, rates, and support from Aqualectra. Understanding Aqualectra and its services enables buyers and renters to make informed decisions when searching for a home on Curaçao.

Are you familiar with Pagatinu? Pagatinu is a device commonly found in homes and apartments in Curaçao. This system is designed to regulate the power supply and assists in managing the electricity bill. With Pagatinu, residents have the option to prepay for electricity by loading credits onto the device. This can be done at special Pagatinu counters, which can be found in supermarkets or gas stations. This provides them with more control over their energy consumption and costs. Understanding how Pagatinu works is important for potential renters and buyers looking for accommodation in Curaçao, as it operates a bit differently than what you might be accustomed to.


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